Year End Bookkeeping Checklist For Small Business

Year End Bookkeeping Checklist For Small Business


Either a small business or a large business, they will look for cleaning old records and submitting new updated files at the end of the accounting period. Business specialists suggest the end of the tax year is the best period to conduct the above-said tasks. Even many small businesses perform these tasks on the accounting period ending. They also work on getting the organized data, reviewing it, and make productive plans for a profitable year. In general, checklists co-ordinate daily, weekly, monthly bookkeeping tasks.

To streamline the above-mentioned tasks, usually, a checklist preparation is needed. Calman Analytics demonstrates the below listed 9 furnished ideas to include in the Bookkeeping checklist. They estimate the bookkeeper duties checklist.

1.Eliminate Redundant files

2.Online data Backup

3.Digitalize deskwork

4.Analyse Inventory

5.Opt Tax Reduction formula

6.Budget plans

7.Examine Return on Investment

8.Launch your Smartwork

9.Stay besides your Technical support

To get a better understanding, read the below-detailed segments.


The occupying space for old files will slow down your work. Refreshing each time and finding equal space for all files will slow down your working mood too. So, it's better you eliminate and remove the old and unnecessary files from your system and even from your workplace. Also, we provide the best idea to store your digital files that hold high memory space. Simply add them to a hard drive.

This cleaning up of working space ensures your Bookkeeping activity to be updated and sets it accurate during the accounting period.

Also, reconcile each bank credit statement to ensure the accuracy that your accounting records hold.

When you keep your books up-to-date, then it becomes necessary to review each financial statement account to make sure transactions are credited correctly and reflect all your transactions for the accounting period.


Always ensure you add Data Backup as an important attribute to your bookkeeping checklist. You never knew when your software and computer would crash or stop working. Also, a natural disaster will permanently delete all your records. You would never imagine you will stand midway in that calamity. We would always advise you to backup your records and files for a smooth workflow. Store the copies of your business records in both external hard drives and cloud-based storage.

This point is to remind you that Data backup is going to help you in the future to the core.


Digital Technology is trendy nowadays because they reduce the presence of physical paperwork. They save space and a messy workplace. If you are still negligent to opt for Digital technology because of its cost, then Calman Analytics clarifies to you that there are free resources available such as Google Drive that offers cloud document storage. The enormous capacity of files could be stored efficiently and could be accessed for future purposes. Also, there are facilities to file your documents as per the financial year for optimal administration.


Checking the count of your physical computers, machines, printers and even notepads come under the segment of Analysing Inventory. This helps you to monitor the number of broken items and track them in the record. Per month profit depends on the count of working employees. This goes to record inventory.

Inventory Counting does not depend on the limited products to sell but includes the assets and supplies you possess or deliver respectively.

Inventory also assists in summarising your annual profits and losses, which helps in decision making for the upcoming financial year. This also helps to decide where to cut down expenses and the ways to improve sales.

Simple accounting software does the above-said work for you and allows you to generate only the report.


It will be a terrible experience if your planned budget goes out of your hands. So caution is mandatory to opt for a budget and tax reduction formula. This certainly helps developing your organization’s financial assets.


To attain your goals successfully, You must always set an enhanced plan that works well. To run a successful business, a clearcut budget plan is essential for all businessmen. They must plan in such a way to run a business within the fixed budget and if it crosses the budget and becomes an extreme expense, then anyone will struggle to run a smooth business. Anyways you must practice smart to align a business effectively.

The financial budget must be planned to extend for another accounting year if it's going to get expired.


Merchants, discover the slow-selling products and suspend them permanently. Textile owners find the outdated cloth designs and models and eliminate them from their boutique. Hope You’re getting the idea now. Yes, Apply the same discovering idea to your accounting services your business uses. If you find the cost of advertising upholds the count of new incoming business, then the business is running in a streamlined path. Else, your right time arrived to switch to cheaper media.


Calman Analytics always suggests you Think smart rather than working hard. To perform smart, set a smart goal that always remains specific, measurable, accessible, and relevant to your business process. A smart person setting a smart goal always ensures that he’s completing it within the specific deadline. Remember, if your goals cross the deadline, the Budget will be expanding out of your hands.


You know what, Business must always have a technical foundation for aspiring results. It's not necessary for every business person, bookkeepers must have astounding technical knowledge. Instead, they can rely on their own business technical support team. Their frequent communication will help the business grow stronger. Technical support or help desk teams will always stay beside you to assist you or your physical system facing any trouble.

The above mentioned 9 checklists are the points to be noted for small business bookkeeping at year-end. They can be followed either once a month or every year. The monthly bookkeeping checklist should be ensured to be updated on month-end. Not only in accounting, plan your bookkeeping setup checklist for every large task that you process and keep it handy to check then and there. Checklists for bookkeeping services also act as proof for your task processing.

Anyhow, the bookkeeping month end checklist will be audited by the leadership team before the starting of any month.


Bookkeeping Checklists are an important tool to gather facts and procedures. And responses to checklists are always a matter of facts. Small businesses can definitely run their process smoothly and effectively if they religiously follow these small but important records as checklists. The above-mentioned contents are provided by Calman Analytics in general for the year-end bookkeeping checklist. Observing the above segments will help small businesses find their outcomes skillfully.