Does the Future of Accounting Depend on AI? The Meridian of AI in Accounting

Does the Future of Accounting Depend on AI? The Meridian of AI in Accounting

In the earlier days of accounting, we use books or papers to have a track of our accounting data. We all know that where accounting starts. Yes, it started from the abacus. It is the first invention to calculate the values and store it on paper, notebooks.

Earlier times when they buy or sell the goods or for the business, they use to do the calculations with the abacus.

Our human mind started to think in advance mode and they found the calculators and now it is fully digital. This helped us a lot to simplify our work in various fields.

Papers and notebooks started shifting to the digital framework. It all changed to spreadsheets later many inventions in technology made simpler than ever. We all started to note the data in a very secure mode.

Let us get into the transformation of Artificial Intelligence in accounting.


Accounting is the process of analyzing, Verifying, Identifying the financial transactions of the individual or business. It is the main sector where we calculate the profit and loss of the organizations.

As a start, it has been noted and maintained in the book formats or files. But it is reducing slightly and transferring all the collection of data in the form of a digital book. And the digital book has been maintained by the bookkeeper.

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Digital Transformation in Accounting

In this digital transformation war, one of the benefited sectors is accounting. When accounting enters the business or individual, we need to maintain the book and enter the data one by one and it is very difficult and the cost of the maintenance is high.

And we cannot assure that our data collected and entered will be 100% accurate all the time. There may be errors when we write down manually.

In recent years there is a drastic change in technology to maintain the records through digital mode. In the accounting sector, digital plays a majestic growth in auditing the data. The advanced technology in cloud computing makes the process automated and stores the data secure. By this, there is no possibility of a mistake in the records.

There is much software in which we can maintain the data for the individual or business people. Many accounting software is user-friendly and easy to use it with advanced features and updates. There is an option of outsourcing the services or can do by own. Through digital transformation, we can chat, mail, and clear the doubts lively. This makes it very simple to achieve our target.

The drawback that happens if we do by own

But if we do on our own then there is a drawback of work productivity and cannot concentrate on our business to focus on our goal. We can hire a bookkeeper and give them the project to maintain accounting.

But still, we need to purchase the software and have to update it when the version becomes old otherwise there is a possibility of error in the software.

So, the best choice is to outsource the bookkeeping service. They do the work for us from scratch to top. They use the updated software for the solution. And the happiest thing is they give the project on time.

Artificial intelligence and Accounting

Artificial intelligence plays a huge role in the accounting sector. In accounting, many automation software works with AI. In the future, artificial intelligence in accounting is going to change the whole system that has been followed until now.

By the usage of AI in accounting, it reduces the work time of the employees. We can target multiple tasks instead of sticking into one task. In accounting, the work can be automated through the software so that it reduces the work and the errors that tend to happen.

Also, there is a proven fact that there is less than 20% of the company has the employee for accounting in the US. Other companies outsource the accounting process.

Even the payroll and taxes are taken care of and reduce the penalties. It is possible because the game of AI is very important in accounting.

Machine learning in accounting is safe and they can analyze the bountiful volume of records or data in which a normal man cannot do.

In the future, there is a fact that bookkeepers will be changed to Bot keepers. There are in the process of bot keepers because it is a smarter idea and can have less impact on mistakes.

The accuracy rate is 99% right and it has a support of 24*7. We can have a robotic insight to track the report by the client and service provider whenever they need to proceed. These are some of the accounting techniques that work with the help of AI.

Positivity of Artificial Intelligence in Accounting


Most of the companies still maintain accounting in papers or file format. With the help of Ai in accounting, we can integrate the data. So that we can have track of the pricings and if any change occurs, we can get the update immediately through machine learning.

Account payable and Account receivable

Account payable and receivable is the common facts that are used in the field of accounting. By integrating it we can find the exact invoice data which we need. Hence this has been done already the machine learning updates the higher version to simplify our work.

Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Auditing

AI is the future of all sectors but in accounting, it gives a perfect path. When we check for the audit, we can get the exact file in which we search. So that it is very easy for the auditors to track the record and give the correct statement and closes the document.


Ai in accounting and finance is the main part of the transaction. In this, we can get the amount spend and the amount received without a single penny loss. It gives the accurate result and transaction we need.

Focus on business

By having the technology in the field of accounting it simplifies our work and makes us focus upon our goal. We can be free because there are no errors or no duplication and work are done on time.

Through this automation process, it is beneficial to do all our multi-tasking activities. And can easily share or track the reports very clear and mainly on time process has been followed.

We can satisfy the client's expectation by sending the proper report on time and with proper tracking, we can easily avoid penalties. And without any stress in the accounting sector, we can focus on our goals.

Blockchain and Accounting

Let's start with the example that if you are in the cafe shop and drinking a coffee. Whether you have taught of any transactions done here in the cafe shop. The final stage of the transaction is paying the bills.

Before that, there is a huge process where the blockchain comes into the process. Before that let us take a coffee cup. The coffee cup which we drink in the cafe shop is coming from the manufacturer. The manufacturer who creates the cup should buy the material from the concerned person. It goes on like that here comes the blockchain process.

There is a link between every supplier. In Accounting it is a huge process that is linked with each other. In accounting, every record should be maintained separately. They have more chances to duplicate the records and critical to maintaining it.

Here comes the game of blockchain where they have separate software to maintain it. The transactions can be done through digital currencies like cryptocurrencies. So that it is very useful to have a track of individual transactions and it is very easy to make the process in accounting.

Final Closure

The future is fully focused on technology. So, if we update our system as per the trend then we can succeed in our goal. If the idea is not upgrading then our business stands the same or even goes worst.

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